Stepping Up Employee Communications

Posted on April 13, 2009


A few recent articles discuss the importance of being proactive in the areas of employee communications and employee engagement:

  • The Chicago Tribune ran an article discussing different strategies employers are using to maintain healthy communication channels with their employees: “As counterintuitive as it may seem to many business owners, communicating openly and regularly is more important than ever during times of uncertainty, experts said.”
  • Employee Benefit News Canada reports on the recently released Watson Wyatt 2008/2009 WorkCanada Report. The article quotes Watson Wyatt’s Debra Horsfield:

Improving employee engagement will help drive business results in the long run by improving employee commitment to corporate goals and generating exceptional individual performance and productivity.

  • A piece in Forbes discusses unique ideas for both employee engagement and communications (thanks to David Ballard for the reference to this article, which I first saw via his Twitter feed).

The thread connecting the three articles is the idea that engaging employees through direct and honest communications is critical not only to successfully navigating the current economic environment, but also for building an organization that will emerge stronger once the economy turns around. The conclusion of the article in Forbes puts it quite well:

Companies that handle their employees with the right care can come out of tough times with more loyal and appreciative workers than they started with. No one else will.

Never waste a good recession!