Telling Your Total Rewards Story

Posted on July 26, 2011


I received a call this morning from an HR director at a public sector employer who is researching total compensation statements. He told me that, while there are employers in the region that pay more, his organization offers an extremely robust benefits package and, with the economy starting to improve (albeit slowly), he is convinced that his employees are going to start looking around, and he wants to make sure that they have the full story.

Just yesterday I came across an article describing twenty-one endangered workplace benefits and, indeed, there are countless employers that have survived the Great Recession by, among other things, cutting back on both wages and benefits. But there are also organizations that continue to provide employees with extremely competitive total rewards packages. Such organizations have compelling stories to tell both current and potential employees, and are well positioned to emerge stronger than ever in the months and years to come. Effectively communicating the total compensation message can only help cement these organizations’ positions as strong competitors and employers of choice.

How are you telling your organization’s total rewards story?