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Weekend Reading – Patients as Consumers

October 2, 2009


Today’s recommendation is a relatively brief article that presents some great insights into the challenges of making consumer-driven health care a more central part of efforts to reform the health care system as a whole. The article, “Talk to the Invisible Hand” by Darshak Sanghavi, discusses the various reasons why the health care marketplace is […]

Weekend Reading – The Seeds of the Next Boom?

September 18, 2009


The seeds of the next economic boom may be in today's contraction of the financial sector, as talented individuals seek work in other areas of the economy.

Weekend Reading: Radical Ideas for Health Care

August 27, 2009


My recommended reading for this weekend is an article by media executive David Goldhill that appears in the most recent edition of The Atlantic. The provocative title of the piece is How American Health Care Killed My Father. The editors of the magazine introduce the article as follows: After the needless death of his father, […]

Weekend Reading: The Link Between Employment and Health Care

July 31, 2009


Today’s Marketplace Scratch Pad blog points readers to an opinion piece in the Financial Times which I’m guessing will elicit some strong responses from at least some of the people who read this blog. Entitled “America’s healthcare should no longer be tied to jobs,” management consultant and author Matt Miller argues forcefully for the idea […]

Weekend Reading: The “R” Word in the Health Care Debate

July 17, 2009


Peter Singer's New York Times Magazine article, "Why We Must Ration Health Care," brings a nuanced, and sophisticated approach to the question of how we, as a society, decides what health care expenditures should be paid for from the public purse.

Weekend Reading – May 22, 2009

May 21, 2009


Well, my original plan for putting out a Weekend Reading post every week hasn’t quite come together (yet), but I hope to be more consistent in the coming weeks and months. In any case, I highly recommend an article from New York magazine entitled In Defense of Distraction by Sam Anderson. The article examines the […]

Weekend Reading – April 3, 2009

April 2, 2009


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