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Motivation and Success

June 3, 2010


According to new research by behavioral economist Don Ariely, while outsized bonuses may serve to motivate employees, whether such bonuses lead to greater success may be open to question.

Compensation Calculations

February 19, 2010


Some public companies seem to be getting the message on executive compensation and, as a result, are beginning to show some restraint.

A Market Solution to Wall Street’s Pay Problem

January 28, 2010


A recent article in Barron's looks at the issue of Wall Street pay and proposes solutions that don't involve having the government get involved in the Street's compensation practices.

End of the Big Bonus Era?

December 10, 2009


Recent developments hint at the idea that maybe the era of super-sized bonuses and pay packages is fading.

Of Compensation and Common Sense

July 28, 2009


Big investment banks may be taking a risk by going back to "business as usual" so quickly and setting aside large amounts of money for employee compensation.