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Wages and Total Compensation

February 24, 2010


With wages expected to remain flat for an extended period - but overall total compensation costs expected to increase - communicating the total compensation message to employees is critical.

Study: Total Compensation Statements Should Be “Top and Immediate Priority”

September 8, 2009


MetLife recently released the results of the company’s 2009 Open Enrollment Poll, which surveyed employees in order to gauge trends in attitudes toward benefits decisions as many companies head into open enrollment season. One of the poll’s findings was that “employer communication makes a notable difference in employee engagement in. . . benefits decisions.”  MetLife […]

The Link Between Understanding and Appreciation

August 11, 2009


Meeting with a client and reviewing employee feedback on recently sent total compensation statements reminded us that such communications have a significant positive impact throughout an organization.

Maximizing the Value of Total Compensation Statements

July 9, 2009


An effective total compensation statement does much more than simply report data - it tells a story. And the more personalized and targeted that story is for each employee, the better.

The Art and Science of Total Compensation Statements

May 7, 2009


Creating an effective total compensation statement requires thoughtful design as well as clean, accurate data on individual employees' compensation and benefits.

Authenticity in Corporate Communications

April 14, 2009


Employee benefit statements need to be authentic in order to be well received by employees.