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Will Healthcare Reform Bring Down Costs?

December 3, 2010


Will the recently passed healthcare reform law actually help to bring down costs? One recent study says that it will.

Empowering Patients

October 7, 2009


Patients can be better health care consumers if they're provided with good data and information.

Weekend Reading – Patients as Consumers

October 2, 2009


Today’s recommendation is a relatively brief article that presents some great insights into the challenges of making consumer-driven health care a more central part of efforts to reform the health care system as a whole. The article, “Talk to the Invisible Hand” by Darshak Sanghavi, discusses the various reasons why the health care marketplace is […]

Doing Well and Doing Good: Benefits and the Bottom Line

August 31, 2009


Two companies provide examples of how offering high quality employee benefits can not only be the right thing to do as far as what's good for employees, but also the right thing to do for the company's bottom line.

Weekend Reading: The Link Between Employment and Health Care

July 31, 2009


Today’s Marketplace Scratch Pad blog points readers to an opinion piece in the Financial Times which I’m guessing will elicit some strong responses from at least some of the people who read this blog. Entitled “America’s healthcare should no longer be tied to jobs,” management consultant and author Matt Miller argues forcefully for the idea […]

Obama Understands Total Rewards

July 23, 2009


In answer to a question in his news conference on July 22, 2009, President Obama gave a very brief tutorial to the nation on the relationship between cash compensation and employee benefits.

Walmart, Employer Mandates, and Health Care Reform

July 13, 2009


Walmart has come out in favor of including a "pay-or-play" provision as a part of health care reform. Assuming such a provision becomes law, will employers choose to give up on providing health insurance to their employees?