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Open Enrollment and Total Compensation

November 28, 2011


Choosing well during open enrollment is one important way to maximize your total compensation package.

Are Employers Being Short-Sighted?

August 2, 2011


Three news items caught my attention today. The first comes from economist Jared Bernstein’s blog where he notes that real compensation – i.e., wages and benefits, adjusted for inflation – continues to fall. The second tidbit, from CNNMoney, discusses a recent Mercer compensation survey which found that the average increase in base pay in 2012 […]

Wages and Total Compensation

February 24, 2010


With wages expected to remain flat for an extended period - but overall total compensation costs expected to increase - communicating the total compensation message to employees is critical.

More Thoughts on Employee Engagement

November 11, 2009


Two different views of employee engagement, but, whichever view one prefers, one needs to be able to make a strong business case to justify new employee engagement initiatives.

Survey Says . . .

November 3, 2009


Two recent surveys looking at trends in hiring, compensation and benefits paint slightly different pictures of where the economy is headed in the near term.

Maximizing the Value of Total Compensation Statements

July 9, 2009


An effective total compensation statement does much more than simply report data - it tells a story. And the more personalized and targeted that story is for each employee, the better.

The Art and Science of Total Compensation Statements

May 7, 2009


Creating an effective total compensation statement requires thoughtful design as well as clean, accurate data on individual employees' compensation and benefits.